Bathroom Vanity Stool Ideas

Apr 27th

Bathroom Vanity Stool – Adding a vanity to your bathroom space is not only an elegant way to provide more storage space for your beauty and toiletry items. But it can also add a burst of color to the area. The correct color vanity and the stool will depend on your decorative goals for the bathroom. As well as the amount of space we have to work with. The vanity chair is traditionally a small stool that gets under the preparation table vanity. Use a painted dining chair for more back support.

Black or white

If your bathroom is painted with beige or white tones, a white vanity will add a sensitive but monochromatic piece of furniture to space. A white bathroom adorned with a black vanity is a classic bathroom. Especially when you add the trimmed silver mirror or drawer handles. If the white vanity is installed on the wall, adding white and gray marble to the vanity will add new texture to the piece and cause a visually attractive break in color. For a black vanity that is separated from the wall, add a bathroom stool with a white satin cushion for elegant color contrast.

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Metallic tones

A dresser, separated from the wall and painted gold or bronze, gives an air of royalty to your bathroom. And will give you a brown or tan bath a pop color that is pleasing to the eye. Metallic vanities are also ideal if you have decorated the bathroom with jewel tones like ruby or eggplant. Add synthetic jewelry around the vanity mirror in these colors gives the furniture a regal. Paint the vanity stool for vanity in a jewel tone, or add a green emerald. Or also eggplant-color cushion to the stool to complement the metallic tones.

For a modern vanity ideas, add a round, silver framed mirror and a gently rounded chair with a black leather pillow.  Add a plain, twisted, black metal stool and a simple, square, metal framed mirror for a minimalist style. For classic vanity ideas, the matching stool or chair is usually round and topped with a pillow seat. Use pink chiffon fabric, a pink velvet pad, white marble drawer faces and white marble top to create a sit-down vanity.  Meanwhile, a wall mounted dressing table will benefit from a mirror trimmed in red. Or orange paint when the dresser and stool are painted in a variation of the same muted tone.

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