Beautiful Ideas Kids Desk Chair

Sep 19th

Kids desk chair gives your child a place to play, draw and enjoy the world on his own for a while. It also creates an area that can be easily observed while your child is activated, so you will have the opportunity to do other things nearby. A simple flat top desk with side panels is relatively easy to build, and the brightly painted paint will not only make it more attractive, but easy to clean.

Kids desk chair, measure and cut two squares of medium density 3/4 inch thick fiberboard, each 18 inches by 18 inches. Cut another piece of MDF that is 30 inches by 18 inches. Cut two lengths of aluminum brackets, each 18 inches long. Drill holes 3 inches apart on both sides of the support. Place one of the brackets to one of the edges of the square MDF pieces with screws, and repeat with the other bracket and another square. These will be the panels of the legs of the table.

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Place the long piece of MDF, which will be the top of the kids desk chair, so that the long side is against the countertop. Hold one of the leg panels at one end of the long piece to form an L-shape, with the free edge of the aluminum support under the edge of the table. Place the bracket on top of the desk with screws. Repeat with the other leg panel at the other end of the table.