Enjoy Standing Desk Ikea

Sep 20th

Maintain health and productivity while working in front of the computer effortlessly, alternating between sitting and standing desk ikea work whenever you want. Personalize it with the ideal accessories for each user and each workflow. Open and flexible architecture design, expandable to accommodate more computer equipment. 51 cm height adjustment: patented CF technology allows instantaneous position change, without tools and without motors, while working. Control the expense of health care insurance premiums by promoting well-being in the routine of daily work.

The integrated brake sets the position of the table. And is release with a simple touch to adjust the height. It includes a large work surface of 60 x 121 cm. Enjoy sitting and standing desk ikea while you work, switching between positions whenever you want. The patented CF technology allows instant repositioning, without tools and without motor while working. This style of work facilitates healthy movement throughout the day.

Standing desk ikea is easy to use and safe; simple installation and effortless handling. Offer standing work platforms to your employees without the need to buy expensive height-adjustable chairs. The comfortable work in front of the computer allows a contrasted performance of the investment. Health care costs associate with unhealthy work in front of the computer and work absenteeism are reduce, while productivity is increased.

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