Good Ikea Standing Desk Hack

Sep 20th

IKEA standing desk hack – The study found that standing up burned 88 calories per hour, not much more than the 80 calories per hour that are burned while sitting. Walking burned 210 calories per hour. One of the things that many studies have been clear about is that sitting for long hours is associated with obesity, heart disease, some types of cancer and a shorter life. So it makes sense that standing would counteract these risks.

However, studies have not yet been carried out to prove or disprove these conjectures. Research on sitting time is still in its early stages, and we are trying to understand if it is it is about the total amount of time you sit or the frequency with which you interrupt those episodes of sitting which is related to the risk of illness. Although we continue to find out what is driving this ikea standing desk hack, it is clear that reducing the Sitting time is good for your health.

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Some studies have shown that after eating, blood glucose returns to normal values ​​more quickly in people who spend more time standing than sitting that day. And many people who use ikea standing desk hack say that this has helped them with shoulder and back pain.