Great Accessories For Standing Desk Height

Sep 20th

Standing Desk Height – If you have decided to get one or several standing desk height for either your home or entire office, you are off to a good start. But if you want to get even more out of your stand up desks you should know that there are several accessories available, both those designed specifically to be use with this type of desk and for workplaces in general, that can make your work experience even better. Here are some of the top accessories that can help you get the most out of your new standing desk height without spending too much money.

Monitor arms. If you have a desktop computer at your standing desk height, you will soon notice that a great addition to height adjustable workstations is a monitor arm that is specifically design to hold your computer monitor. The great thing about these arms is that they can move not only up and down, but side to side as well. If you mount your monitor on one of these arms, you will not have to worry about carefully moving it when you switch between sitting and standing at your desk as it is design to help you do the job quickly and easily.

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Anti-fatigue mats. Anyone who uses standing desk height should seriously consider an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are design to help provide cushioning for your feet which will in turn greatly help your body. These mats are designed to be used in any work environment where you will be standing for any length of time so they are ideal accessories for stand up desks. They work by not only providing cushioning but also gentle rebound that will encourage you to move your leg muscles, helping the blood flow and reducing the effort your heart needs to take to do its normal functions.