Great Ideas Bedroom Set with Vanity

Apr 29th

Bedroom set with vanity – Dressers are not a common piece in bedroom furniture sets. So a homeowner who wants to add one can choose to build one to get what they want. Measure the space you would like to have the dressing setting. Place two filing cabinets far enough apart to make room for the knees. And a place to slide the stool or chair into. Measure the height of the cabinets to determine how high the chair or stool has to be. An extra layer of pillow can be used to raise the seat. After the general measures are taken Place the top piece of wood or wood on the top of the cabinets. And mark it below the placement of the edges of the base cabinets. Make sure that the space between the cabinets does not expand too far and make the center of the toilet loot.

Then, remove the lid and saw the pieces on the marked lines making sure that the edges meet at least the edge of the cabinets but do not hang by more than a quarter of an inch. Sand the edges of the top and paint with a color that matches the room in which you plan to use, or make a cloth cover for the top and staple edges. Now that you have created all the vanity, it is time to make the seat. Choose a nice chair that is not a game that you could be using or cut a piece of wood to fit the top of the big bucket, then make a cover for the wood and the bucket by collecting the fabric in a sew the skirt to a circular piece of cloth that fits the lid and place in the bucket.

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Also cover the seat cushion with contrasting fabric or matching the skirt. Take a cheap mirror and paint the frame to match the set, or simply pass any mirror you like on the wall above the center of the vanity. A small floral pattern is nice for a country-style room. If you want the top painted to show also paint the file cabinets to match. Place some plastic bags in the file sections to store various items you may need. Place the entire set and measurements before cutting any card. Let the paint dry well for a few days so it will not be sticky to the touch after drying. A plastic table runner would make a washcloth from the top to clean.