How to Paint Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Apr 25th

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets can update the end of vanity and also update your current décor in your bathroom. A good vanity painting job requires good planning and the right material.


Remove the doors from vanity, using a screwdriver. Pull out the drawers and set them aside with the doors. Remove hardware from boxes and doors. Sand vanity and any drawers or doors with fine slip paper and an electric hand grinder. The surface of vanity should be smooth and free from cracked or flaking paint or varnish. Wipe the cabinet down with a tack cloth to remove dust. Lay down a plastic drop cloth to protect sanitary ware, and apply target tape to the walls. Prime vanity and doors with a painting primer and brush. Allow the primer to dry completely. Paint vanity with gloss finish color, apply two to three layers.

Glossy color allows you to easily wipe the cabinet if it receives spill or dirt. It will also create an attractive shine. Use a small roller on large parts of the cabinet to avoid brush lines. A brush can enter the corners and cracks in vanity and its doors / drawers. Allow each layer of paint to dry before more color. Leave vanity cure for a week before heavy use. Replace the cabinet boxes and doors. Replace the hardware on the vanity. Remove plastic drop cloth and target tape from the bathroom. Place decorative storage containers on the vanity counter if the items cannot be stored elsewhere. For example, a modern bathroom can include glass and stainless steel jars that hold cotton jets or other items that you use frequently.

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Keep your items in a basket or container behind a door, on a shelf or under the sink if possible. Put a small bud of vase, pot plant, light arrangement or perfume bottle collection on the vanity. Use smaller items for a small vanity or bulky object for an expansive vanity for balance. Arrange decorative accessories in a manner that is visually interesting yet does not raise all vanity. The space should be easily accessible and useful. For example, a small vase or plant can sit to a side of vanity, especially in a corner with a wall to one side, and a small collection of decorative perfume bottles can be sitting on the other side.

Choose items that are decorative and practical if possible, such as a small basket or porcelain container that holds less cosmetics or hair accessories. Keeping your vanity decorations to a minimum makes decorations to protrude and makes it easier to move items when it’s time to clean countertops. Avoid adding too much to the worktop or it will look messy, messy and chaotic.

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