Plastic Desk Chair New Option Furniture

Sep 18th

Plastic Desk Chair – Have not you heard that antique furniture is better than new furniture? If you have an old office chair and you want to change both the fabric and the color of the structure. Look at this proposal in which these modifications are made. It is comfortable and you also have a lot of love. But you recognize that it is a bit worn and that it detracts from the rest of the decoration.

The first thing you have to do is dismantle it completely. With the help of a screwdriver. It frees all the anchors to be able to manipulate both the plastic desk chair and the backrest. With the dismantled chair, take the opportunity to paint the legs in a color that matches both the fabric and the furniture or the walls of the room. Place the fabric well stretched and engrave it all over the surface.

A detail that will give personality to the chair is that you use the same fabric on the plastic desk chair backrest even if it is make of plastic. To achieve a good result, use a special spray adhesive for textiles. We must clean the plastic surfaces, both in fabrics and polypropylene housings or arms. For this: we will not use alcohol, diluents, abrasives or solvents. The recommendation is to use warm water and non-alkaline neutral detergents.

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