Simple L Shaped Corner Desk

Sep 18th

L shaped corner desk – A simple way to build a base for your L-shaped computer desk is to use existing cabinets. Choose your style of cabinets that have input drawers and files as the main legs for your computer desk. Use wood glue and screws to fix the cabinets to the bottom of the work surface.

If you prefer more customizable features, build a frame for the L shaped corner desk. Cut four pieces of the same type of plywood to at least 36 inches high and the width of the work surface. These pieces will act as legs that will be positioned evenly spaced on both sides of the L to stabilize the desk. Cut support boards to connect the legs behind the desk and to further secure the top to prevent wobbling. Reinforce all joints with wood glue.

Creation of the base L shaped corner desk, buy the drawer hardware for removable keyboard. And then cut a piece of wood to fit between the two legs on the side of the L on what will be your monitor. Keyboard plate screw for hardware and hardware screw to the desk legs panels. Add extra legs to build shelves under the table to house the CPU, printer, paper and other computer equipment, putting everything in its most convenient place. Once the equipment is dry, sand and stains or paint your new computer desktop in a DIY L shape.

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