Standing Desk Diy Perfect Workspace

Sep 20th

Standing Desk Diy – Standing work relieves tension in the spine, promotes good posture and improves circulation and alertness. The disadvantage is that getting rid of your old desk by a more contemporary vertical version can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Take the measurements. The perfect workspace to stand is the one that adapts specifically to you. Stand up straight. You should not be bent while standing, so try not to bend while taking the necessary measures.

Observe the position of the elbows. Ideally, the top of the standing desk diy is at the right height so you can rest your elbows. This will be especially important for people who have to use the mouse while working. Or who write or draw a lot. Your materials will be more accessible, without the need to tilt or lower your center of gravity. Keep a chair nearby. Do not throw away that old office chair yet. Instead of standing non-stop all day, studies show that the healthiest course of action is to find a golden balance between standing and sitting.

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Center the desktop with the base. The base should be flat and spaced relatively wide to allow the taller standing desk diy to stand without wobbling or tilting. Use wood screws to fix the wooden legs to a wooden desk. If you feel particularly skilled, you can add fastening joints at the intersection of the legs of the desk that will allow you to control your height.